Mission & Vision

Preparing students for a life of transformation and service through excellent Christ-centered education

Our Vision

•Is grounded in a Biblical Christian perspective
•Provides quality, innovation and excellence in education
•Develops and promotes local and global leadership and service

•Strive to meet their full potential and become passionate lifelong learners
•Develop and exhibit strong critical thinking skills coupled with a growing understanding of competing worldviews
•Demonstrate respect for others and all of God’s creation
•Learn to respond to God’s call to live as disciples of Christ

•Provide excellence in teaching and student learning practices
•Demonstrate committed and caring relationships
•Establish a dynamic and evolving professional teaching/learning community
•Are Christians committed to living out their faith

School Culture
•Provides a secure learning environment in which each student is nurtured, encouraged and challenged
•Provides an environment that promotes faith formation, worship and prayer

•Partners together to help children flourish in their spiritual, social, cognitive, physical and emotional development
•Prayerfully supports and works to strengthen and sustain the school’s mission, finances and facilities

Core Values

Educational Excellence
•Uncover each student’s gifts and God-given potential
•Cultivate critical thinking
•Foster creativity and intellectual curiosity
•Develop resilient, passionate life-long learners
•Prepare for a unique vocation under God
•Develop gifts of leadership and service

Biblical Worldview
•Seek insight into God’s creation under the Lordship of Christ
•Engage and impact our culture
•Care for all aspects of God’s creation

Christ-like Character
•Reflect the love and grace of God
•Respect others as image-bearers of God irrespective of their gender, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity and expression
•Lead and serve with humility and integrity

•Practice hospitality and grace
•Develop a culture of teamwork with all stakeholders
•Demonstrate faithful stewardship of resources and relationships
•Extend and provide opportunities for Christian education throughout Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam