Secondary Curriculum


At John Knox Christian High School (JKCHS) curriculum shapes students' understanding of their personal identity, the human condition, and the created universe. Our courses are much more than a vehicle through which factual information is conveyed; they are also an experience intended to prepare young people "to be transformers of everything that is broken in this world."[i]  Student progress is measured both in terms of knowing more and in terms of being more because while firmly established in the foundation of a Christian Worldview, we recognize God’s invitation to be agents of renewal in everything that we do.[ii]

Within the context of this redemptive Christian Worldview, there is room to support a range of priorities. We have embraced the new BC Ed Plan because it provides more freedom to personalize learning and to expand the development of unique gifts and interests. Through quality teaching, our staff members look for opportunities to connect the development of curricular competencies with students' personal passions and gifts. We offer a comprehensive range of options, teaching everything from workplace Math and Life Skills classes to challenging academic honours courses. In addition, arts courses, community service projects, overseas and local missions' trips, competitive sports, aerobic fitness, independent studies and student leadership initiatives expand the scope of learning opportunities.

Christian studies modules and training in apologetics are also principal features of a JKCHS education. Our students learn that their faith can be rooted in evidence and reason and that the Christian Worldview can stand up to a rigorous investigation.

With Christ at the center of all things, “there is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is sovereign over all, does not cry, "Mine!"[iii] When our students use their talents and the opportunity of an excellent education to serve God, love humanity and seek justice, they are well on their way to understanding the concept of vocation and that God calls his people to serve him in an infinite number of creative and challenging ways.

Wendy Pertulla,
Vice Principal, John Knox Christian School


[i] Dr. Lindsay Graieg
[ii] An interpretation of perspectives promoted by Dr. Lindsay Graieg and by the National Institute of Christian Education
[iii] Abraham Kuyper