“You’re Essential. Thank you, Mom and Dad.”

Tim Chan Times News

I couldn’t have said it better myself, “Thank you, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and anyone else who has become an essential member of your child’s virtual classroom experience.”

This evening at 7 pm when the pots bang, lights flash and horns honk, take a moment to imagine that the staff members of JKCS are standing outside your home, smiling from ear to ear, creating a cacophony of noise in your

As teachers and support staff, we care deeply about the work we have been called to do. At the onset, it felt as though we were launching a rocket into space. The shuttle shook and shuttered as we strained to break out of our familiar brick and mortar atmosphere. Now that the shuttle has been launched we are up and running and of course occupied with keeping our
shuttle in good, efficient working order. For the next few weeks, our goals are designed to safeguard the teaching and learning experiences that have settled into healthy balanced routines.

The thing I like about the shuttle analogy is that at the end of the mission the goals are a smooth and steady re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere and then a safe and steady landing. Right now our efforts are focused on maintaining the course and finishing the school year well.

At this point in the journey we wanted to send a big thank you from our staff to your family.

May the peace and joy of the Lord Jesus Christ sustain us all as we continue together on this unique adventure.

Gratefully yours,
Wendy Perttula, Director of Curriculum