Welcoming the JKCS Annual Fall Drive

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The JKCS Annual Fall Drive is back! This week you will receive a letter in the mail with news of the JKCS Annual Fall Drive. The Fall Drive is our major annual fundraising drive, and this year we are focusing on supporting both of our school buildings and special programs.
During this time of growth, John Knox relies on gifts from our families and friends to support our needs. Please prayerfully consider how you can support our growing school.
Some families are still contributing monthly to their long term pledges to the Capital Campaign, and some families have already made their gift to John Knox this year. If this is the case for your family, feel free to let the letter pass you by with our thanks for your faithful giving.
If you are interested in making a larger impactful gift or if you have any questions please connect with Development Director Arusha Vegt at 604.522.1410, or development@johnknoxbc.org.