Welcome to Our New Staff Members!

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We are pleased to welcome a number of new staff members to the JKCS community!
At the elementary campus:
Lara Alvarez, Grade 4 Teacher
Celine Du, School Counsellor
Jenny Kim, EA
Kyoung Kang, SOI instructor and EA
Dawnie Kahng, Grade 2 Teacher and EA
Kristen Kringhaug, Behaviour Consultant
Rosa Ononeze, Intermediate Music Teacher
Mariel Pasana, EA
Rosen Shen, EA
Renice Edmison, Kindergarten TA

At the secondary campus:
Leanne Arevski, Vice Principal
Mavis Anthony, Foods Teacher and EA
Andrew Banya, Junior Science and Chemistry Teacher
Patty Emry, Junior PE and EA (maternity leave coverage)
Angela North, Spanish, Science and PE Teacher
Sigfried Ong, Math, Pre Calculus, and ADST Teacher
Yvonne Cheng, EA
Alex Campbell, EA