Visiting a Seniors Home: Student Reflection

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When I first became a student representative for my grade 8 class at the beginning of the year, I didn’t know trips like this would happen. It was a somewhat pleasant surprise when Mrs. Lund told the eighth grade reps about this soon-to-be trip. 

The main goal was to prepare 120 cards and cookies for the Card & Cookie Campaign so we could give them to seniors and veterans for Remembrance Day. I volunteered almost every Wednesday in the Foods Lab, so participating in the cookie-making wasn’t a problem! Everyone worked in pairs or little trios to bake cookies, and it was an amazing experience! The school was filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies up to the third floor, and there was never a dull moment in the kitchen.

Next came the cards, which was something every eighth grader in the school participated in. We were asked to make 2 cards each, and the amount of cooperation in the classroom was a joy to see. Some amazing, beautiful cards were made!

The  only thing we had left to do was pray that we could spend some extra time in the senior home to chat with the elders a bit. The workers at Thornebridge Gardens Retirement Residence only allowed us to stay in the lobby while we handed out some of the cookies and cards, but it was a good opportunity nonetheless.

Some of the seniors in the lobby were participating in a draw for a teddy bear, shawl, sweater, and another object. When we came to offer them cards and cookies, they were extremely nice, and invited us to participate in the draw, which we all did.

All in all, this wasn’t just a one-day experience. Our 3 weeks worth of hard work making cookies and drawing cards led up to that one moment, and it was amazing. It was a pity we couldn’t spend more time in the building though. That would’ve been extra amazing. 

By Emilia J (8A)