Update from Covid Response Team

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What do I do if my child shows symptoms of Covid-19?
• If your child is showing symptoms, however mild, keep them home and self-isolate, this includes sniffles.
• Call 811 for symptom assessment and testing information in your area.
a. If you get your child tested for Covid-19, your child needs to be in self-isolation until the test returns negative AND your child is symptom free.
b. If your child’s test is positive Public Health will be in contact with you with more instructions.
c. If you do not hear from Public Health do not assume that the test is negative and send your child to school once symptoms clear. Please confirm that the test was negative.
• If you choose not to have your child tested, you need to keep your child at home for a minimum of 10 days AND until they are symptom free. If your child still has symptoms on day 10 that child needs to remain home until symptoms resolve.
• While waiting for test results the rest of the family will be self-monitoring for symptoms.
• Students or staff may still attend school if a member of their household has cold, influenza, or COVID19-like symptoms provided the student/staff has no symptoms. It is expected the symptomatic household member is seeking assessment by a health-care provider.
• Students and staff who experience seasonal allergies or other COVID-19-like symptoms that are related to an existing condition can continue to attend school when they are experiencing these symptoms as normal. If they experience any change in symptoms, they should seek assessment by a health-care provider.

How do I obtain my child’s test results?
• Go to bccdc.ca look under COVID-19 for the heading that says testing, there you will find multiple ways to confirm your child’s test results.
• This site also has the most up to date information on COVID-19 and how to properly self-isolate.
• Health Link BC also has great information on Covid-19