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JKCS Administration and staff are committed to an unbroken chain of educational integrity. While the media has characterized the return to school buildings as a “dry run” we will not take a path of disruption to the educational journey. Rather than a dry run, we will continue to offer a comprehensive learning experience that has been valued by most of our families. To date, that journey has taken place offsite in homes.

You are all aware of the province’s announcement that schools will be opening in a limited capacity to in-person instruction starting June 1. JKCS admin have been actively working on return to school scenarios and will adapt models based on the latest instructions from the Ministry of Education and on the response of parents to the information letter which includes a survey.

What could a new onsite restart look like?
At the elementary site we imagine that grade group teams will have the flexibility to explore who on staff is able and willing to take a small group of students for face to face instruction for 2 days a week while other team member(s) continue teaching offsite school. Since offsite learning will continue regardless, teaching teams will make decisions on how to distribute load and support one another.

At the secondary site we would like to avoid disrupting the high quality off-site learning that is happening. Ministry guidelines are for a 20% (1 day / week) return. This may be by grades, but will be dependent on the desire expressed by families. We are envisioning supervision, by teachers, of limited numbers of students.

When we evaluate and compile the results of the survey, we will provide more details. As in everything at our school; safety is paramount and we will ensure all pandemic safety protocols.

Ecclesiastes 4:12
Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

With the power and faithfulness of Christ, we will remain unbroken in Him.
We are excited about a successful year end and transition for our students to a new school year and continued journey of faith beginning in September!

Paul Tigchelaar, Principal