Traffic Safety Reminder

ArushaTimes News


  • Please do not turn at or go through the main intersection (3rd and 12th) until all students and any other pedestrians have completely crossed the road.
  • Please do not drop or pick up students near the intersection or in or around the transit bus stop area.
  • When exiting the parkade ramp please proceed very slowly, check right and especially left and then exit turning right only.


  • Please show respect for our neighbors; Do NOT park on lawns.
  • Please drop off and pick up in designated zones only.
  • Please do not park in designated drop off/pick up zones
  • Please proceed slowly and carefully through parking lots and along streets bordering the school.
  • Please travel along 13th as if it is one way only from west to east. This avoids blocking the street and parking options as it will be a one lane option only!!!