Traffic – Please note the following:

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  • The neighbours around our school are watching us. Let’s rep- resent Christ as clearly as we can – even in how we drive.
  • Please remember that 13th Avenue is ONE WAY ONLY during high traffic hours.
  • Our traffic controllers are all staff and parent volunteers. Please continue to follow their instructions. Some of our traffic controllers are new and are still learning rules. Thanks for your patience.
  • Pedestrians, please cross at the crosswalk; not around them.
  • Volunteers and traffic cones are all there for your safety.
  • No parking at the staff parking lot.
  • Bus to Secondary: The safest place to drop off kids for the bus is in the drop off zone.

Please SLOW DOWN when driving anywhere in the vicinity of the school!
Please SLOW DOWN when driving in the alley behind the church!

  • Many of the above guidelines apply to the secondary site although it presents its own uniqueness.
  • Whenever possible, drop students a few blocks away to keep the parkade clear … our students will not melt in the rain!
  • Please encourage 360 degree awareness for vehicles when entering the crosswalks and please obey the crossing lights.
  • When using the parkade in the morning drop students in the green zone pulling ahead as far as possible and exiting immediately.
  • Exit the parkade onto 12th, turning right only.
  • Many of our students are using transit and shuttle bus very effectively … Thanks!!!
  • In the afternoon, please do not pick up students in the parkade until they are in the green zone waiting. If they are not there please exit the parkade and drive around the block before reentering.