Traffic Alert

Tim ChanTimes News

Transit, Bus shuttle and off site drop off/walk-in are all working well to reduce traffic and parkade congestion. We are supervising the intersection
at 12th and 3rd for 1/2 hour before and after school. We are also working with New Westminster to ensure appropriate school zone signage and traffic light timing. Currently New Westminster is completing other streetwork around the school.

Please be aware that we are working on final implementation of building security. You may have to knock or buzz in at the main entrance during the day. Please do not got to classrooms as this is disruptive to teachers but check in at the office in all cases. Also be aware that the parkade will be locked during the day. There will be a buzz in system not yet activated. Open and closed times for the parkade gate are being programmed in and will be communicated, likely next week, when they are fully operational.