The Light is Sufficient

Tim ChanTimes News

As we approach the end of this school year and eagerly look forward to the next, we are thankful for the privilege of serving as leaders in the JKCS community. People with many talents, our students, our families, extended families and staff, contributed to the success of an “inaugural” year. “One body, many parts” is an appropriate description of our community; we lean on one another, and in turn, lean on Jesus (1Cor 12).

The high school build is almost finished and teachers are preparing to move into the new building. Boxes are packed, furniture ordered, the school cal- endar is set and course selections and schedules are ready for September. We are also looking forward to sup- porting another season of dynamic growth with increases in staffing and curriculum development resources.

Congratulations to our first group of grade 12 graduates who achieved such excellent academic outcomes! Over 90% of them have already received acceptance letters from the university, college or post-secondary experience of their choice. Our first class of grade 12 students and their teachers have contributed to the successful launching of our high school program and demonstrated that graduates of John Knox can enroll and be invited into highly competitive university programs, trades’ degrees and fine arts pursuits.

We also have a very excited group of grade six students who are ready to assume the mantle of our new secondary school.

We continue to experience enrolment applications for Kindergarten far beyond our available seats and increased enrolment at the Secondary. We are richly blessed with an increase of about 30 to a total of 680 students in our K – 12 JKCS.

Anne Lamott (Bird by Bird) compares writing a novel to driving a car at night with the headlights on – one can only see so far ahead, but the view is sufficient to drive. We can’t see the whole way in perfection, rather we lean on the Lord and move forward confidently with the light that we are given.

Paul Tigchelaar, Wendy Perttula, and David Ward