The Gift of Trust

Tim ChanTimes News

Last week Thursday and Friday, BC Ministry of Education inspectors reviewed our JKCS Secondary program. One of the telling comments was “it’s very clear you are a Christian school.” I believe we value our faith transparency!

We were given very positive feedback as follows:

  • The School is commended for its inspection preparedness, administrative transparency, and for promoting a positive, caring, respectful, safe and faith- based environment through classroom instruction and
  • The School is commended for delivering a high-quality level of special education/learning resource program to their students in an inclusive set- ting, supported by collab- orative efforts of teachers, educational assistants, students and administration.
  • The School is commended for supporting student access to varied and dynamic curricular and co-curricular learning opportunities that align well with the student choice and flexibility themes of the new curriculum (e.g. student portfolio program, course offerings in robotics, foods, languages, drama, music and variety of clubs and athletic teams).

What is significant in the process is that the Ministry conveys a high degree of trust that JKCS Secondary offers an excellent, safe, spiritual and academic program in the context of a positive community grounded in Christ.

This confidence is reflected by the parents in our community who exhibit the trust that encourages well trained and experienced teachers to manage classrooms and students well, each (teacher and student) with their own unique qualities. Our teachers have been Biblically called to care for their students in the classroom, just as parents are called to care for their children.

This trust is also practiced faithfully by the administrative team for all staff and, likewise, the JKCS Board for the administrative management of the K – 12 school community.

This gift of trust is nestled securely in our community and is offered generously by the hands of God whose plan for John Knox K – 12 incorporates grace and love for one another.

Paul Tigchelaar,