The Future is Here!

Tim ChanTimes News

The work of a three year vision has culminated in the completion of the foundations of a newly established John Knox Christian School: Kindergarten through Grade 12.

God has blessed us tremendously through our shared journey! We have been given a deeply committed and competent staff. We have a dedicated parent community who are called to exercise their Biblical mandate to raise their children, our students, in the ways of our Lord. We have excited students who seek a compelling life journey of faith, relationship, integrity and skills. We are blessed with the challenge of deepening the educational and spiritual qualities of our school community and program. Our best new opportunity starts in September as our students return to school. Later in the year, the Secondary campus will move to its new location on 12th Street at 3th Avenue in New Westminster. What a beautiful facility that is becoming!

JKCS Secondary will start with 220 students and the Elementary School will begin with 430. Imagine; John Knox Christian School with 650 students ranging from K-12. That is very exciting!

We are all looking forward to welcoming you back in September as we embark on more new directions while we listen and respond to God’s call. We seek your prayers of support in all of our new endeavors!

Blessings on the rest of your summer!

Paul Tigchelaar