The End Of My Era … A New Beginning! Opportunity And Learning

ArushaTimes News

These four ideas intertwine in many ways. I have been so blessed by the John Knox Christian School over many years. While my time here, in a formal sense, has come to an end, JKCS as a community will remain a fundamental and strongly positive part of my spiritual, emotional and relational foundations. On the other hand, I have not yet come to an end but will encounter opportunities as presented and as I am led in new directions on my faith journey.
John Knox Community is also undergoing many transitions. Our finances move forward under the newly initiated guidance of Amador Astudillo. Our Administrative team has shifted and grown. Our secondary is starting to triple track which will lead to more rapid growth. Our Board will engage new members and David Ward will assume the leadership role as Superintendent. In all that we do on our new trajectories, always God leading, we will never encounter failure; rather learning opportunities and success that is birthed from learning.
I will pray for the continued wellbeing of the JKCS community and ask that you pray, on occasion, for me and my family in our new ventures.
Thank you for the honour and privilege I was given of engaging with the administrative team, staff, students and parents in leading this community on our shared journey of faith and learning.
Paul Tigchelaar, Lead Principal