Thank You to the Traffic Teams!

ArushaTimes News

This has been the quietest year ever for parent volunteers, but one parent volunteer task required more people than ever before: TRAFFIC DUTY! Due to our desire to maintain cohorts both inside and outside of the school, revamped drop off and pick up procedures required a huge number of staff and parents to support them. We put the call out for parent support and it was answered by a competent and dedicated team at both campuses.

The elementary campus procedures included a complex system of teachers standing outside supervising their class, non teaching staff manning the pick up zones while texting teachers, parents in cars sporting colourful tags on their windows that listed their kids and classes, and parent volunteers managing crosswalks and the dreaded kamikaze corner.

At the secondary campus parents and staff alike took turns at the very busy crosswalks at 12th Street and 3rd Avenue. Dedicated teachers and staff stood at new “muster stations” waiting for students to arrive.
These necessary procedures would not have been possible without parent volunteers taking on huge parts of our traffic duty requirements. We can not thank them enough, but we offered each of them a small token thanking them for their dedication to traffic safety and for simply helping our community in the way that we needed most. The elementary campus team was thanked in person this week by the Grade 6 students.

While we hope that next year we can go back to a simpler drop off and pick up routine, we always need traffic volunteers to take the burden off staff so that they can prepare for the day. When the call comes out next September please consider volunteering in this much-needed role.
Three cheers for the Traffic Team!
Arusha Vegt, Development Director and Parent Volunteer Coordinator