Team Guatemala Reflections

Arusha Times News

“No matter how much you prepare yourself for a trip like this, it won’t be anything near the actual experience. We did a lot, we learned a lot, and we experienced a lot; but the thing that stood out to me the most was the fact that there was no shame in religion. Whether we were at a school, a home, or a church, everyone—the kids, the parents, the families—poured out their hearts to God, and there was no judgment.” Rachel S., grade 11

“This Guatemala trip was life-changing!  I’ve never felt so overwhelmed by the presence of God working through all the people there. When I was introduced to this trip, it seemed like a fun “vacation” to go with my friends. Going on this trip not only formed a family-like bond with my team members but also massively strengthened my relationship with God. On the second day, a pastor asked if it was worth the money if we went home today. Most, if not all of us, nodded in agreement. Overall, I would definitely recommend going on this trip.” Patricia K., grade 11

“This trip was so impactful to my life in ways I never would’ve imagined. I learned so much about Guatemalan culture, friendships, religion, among many other things. The people and their faith will forever be such a big influence on my own spiritual journey. I learned a new perspective about GOD that I’ve never really noticed before due to the blessings I regularly receive in my everyday life. This grade 11 mission trip is a wonderful experience to learn more about cultures and feel the influence of GOD working through you.” Danica N., grade 11

“Originally I didn’t really feel like going to Guatemala because I didn’t really know any on the team well, but during the trip the team had a lot of opportunities to bond together. The team shared lots of laughter and sad moments together. Everyday our group would be busy on work projects, visiting homes, going to schools or eating out – we always had fun. Now that the trip has ended, I really wish I could go back with the same group and cherish our time with each other.” Faith F., grade 12

“My favorite part about going to Guatemala is all of the culture we experienced and enjoyed. We ate amazing homemade and restaurant bought meals throughout our visit, and we even learned how to make Guatemalan tortillas from scratch. We visited countless sites and had guides with us the entire time that taught us history and random facts about the country we were in. It was an incredible experience to see the beauty of Guatemala and its rich culture.” Jaslene B., grade 11

“Visiting Guatemala was a reality check as well as a very eye opening experience for me. During our time in Guatemala we had a fair share of spending time doing devotions with the kids there. Joining them in worship was my first eye-opening experience to what is going on in the world and how God moves through all of us.” Marcus B., grade 11

“Going to Guatemala was an experience I will never forget. In Guatemala, I discovered the true joy that the Lord gives his people. The children, who didn’t have much, worshiped God with more joy than I have ever seen. I came back from this mission trip feeling blessed to be able to witness so much love for God in a single school chapel room. Guatemala has given me a new perspective on God and His love.  I hold all the children I met in Guatemala closely to my heart!” Summer U., grade 11

“Guatemala is a life changing experience that I will never forget. It has completely changed my worldview. The visits to the elementary schools have made me realize that North America has too much, and having too much can lead to one feeling that they have too little. In contrast, the kids at the Guatemalan schools enjoyed laughing and singing, but the sad truth is that some of them only eat 1 meal a day.” Matthew X., grade 11

“What a fantastic experience! It is crazy how no matter what expectations you go into a short-term mission trip with, God surpasses them all. Though initially guarded and cautious, we left Guatemala transformed, vulnerable, and awash by the profound sense of God’s love that radiated through the people we met. We are so grateful for all the parents, prayer partners, and donors who supported us throughout the journey.” Mr. Adriel Carey, Teacher