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Hello John Knox Community and welcome back to a new school year! Staff and administration have been very busy the last two weeks preparing for the arrival of your children (and grandchildren). We are still in a Covid context and some of the preparation is to make sure that our two campuses are ready. Thankfully, we have been through this situation before and many of the protocols that we used last year will be in place again. It is a great assurance to know that God is not surprised about our circumstances, and is our mighty fortress through all times and situations. Indeed, as author/pastor Rick Mckinley has said, “…but God has chosen this time and place for us to live out our faith and faithfulness. That is no accident.” (Faith For This Moment, 2018, p. 15). We all share in that calling – whether you are a student, a staff member, a parent or family member, a board member, or an alumni who is praying from afar – all of us are called to step into this moment as followers of Jesus. Let us then be good to each other and to those around us, let’s show mercy and help one another along the way. May this be a year that is richly blessed by the Lord, may we seek his way, and work hard for the Lord knowing that our labour is not in vain (1 Cor 15:58). Peace to each of you.
David Ward, Superintendent