Starting Now…

Tim ChanTimes News

Welcome back from an extended Spring Break! We miss our students a lot! We’re praying for each one of you and look forward to seeing you online in the coming weeks.

Christ, You are the one we start with.
And so we bid you start with us again,
start here, start now,
start with us and with our school,
start with your mercy,
and with your justice,
and with your compassion,
and with your peace
Make the world new again, and young again, and innocent again …
Start … now in this time, your time … for us. Amen.
Walter Brueggemann: gently edited.

Teachers toiling tirelessly
Parents and students anticipate.
Leaders and staff looking to God for wisdom and clarity.
Program and pathway emerging.
Student wellbeing first; staff wellbeing first.
Christ before all.
Covid – 19 does not define who we are.
How we live out our faith in Christ absolutely does.

That virus is not personal but we are; very personal. And professional. And faithful.

The John Knox staff have been meeting using the Zoom platform. This online service offers a visual tool of and for community: K-12, elementary, parents, primary, administration, team leaders, classes, one to one, one to few or many, middle years, junior and senior secondary. Our Board as well, who function with agility and assurance to meet this new world head on.

Zoom helps us reimagine the look and collaborative practice of staff within the kindergarten to grade 12 continuum. It helps foster who we are and how we are in new ways. And yet it is only a tool wielded by a community to purposefully and joyfully explore God’s creation in new ways.

And our faith and reliance on Christ continues to grow, even more so in the face of this new challenge; a challenge that, we trust, will serve to strengthen us and inspire us to serve our students well, as we have and as we do, starting now.

Paul Tigchelaar, Principal

Mr. Tigchelaar self-isolating in his office