Stained Glass Project: Junior Art

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The Love of Jesus Christ – Kaila W.
The heart represents Jesus’ love and the lily represents Jesus’ pureness in love, and that he loved us so much that he not only died but also resurrected for us symbolized by the butterfly.
The Lamb and the Blood – Natasha L.
The lamb grazing on the green field is the representation of Jesus Christ himself. It peacefully grazes on the pasture and this Lamb of God will take away all our sins and is the ultimate sacrifice to restore the world. A crown of thorns is hung on the cross that Jesus was nailed onto and suffered because of us. The blood, Christ shed, dripping off the cross is the symbol of life and the human soul.
Rose and Gryffin – Leo F.
The rose represents victory, pride, triumph to the Romans and the gryffin represents our savior. I chose this because Jesus saved us from sin and he died for us. I also chose these
symbols because I felt sympathetic. The roses red reminds me of his blood and how much pain he would have gone through.
The Loving and Divine Sacrifice of God – Annabelle Y.
The blue sky and the roses represent the heavenly love of God, the colour gold represents Christ’s divinity, and the number two represents the two natures of Christ, that He is both human and divine.
Hatching of Life – John K.
Through the death of Jesus, we are given new life just like how new life hatches out of an egg.
King of Kings – Caleb Q.
The lamb on the throne represents Jesus as a king, on the throne surrounded in glory. The
purple triangle represents the trinity. Purple is the colour of royalty signifying their royalty.
Holy Spirit and Great Damage – Ophelia L.
The wolf represents great damage and the dove represents the holy spirit. The cross also
represents salvation and redemption through Christ’s sacrifice. The colour blue represents the key to heaven, and the color purple represents royalty.
Redemption Through Christ – Katie L.
The cross represents how Jesus came and died for us. The ichthys surrounding the cross represents how through Christ we have been saved.
Royal Resurrection – ErinCate T.
The golden cross with a purple cloth represents Jesus’ power, divinity and resurrection, the 3 green butterflies represent the beginning, middle, end, and triumph over death, the 8 roses also represent triumph over death and the resurrection, and the blue background represents God’s heavenly love for us.