“Square”: Non-cash Option of Payment for Onsite Purchases

ArushaTimes News

The Business Office is excited to share that we are introducing the use of Square for a non-cash option of payment for onsite purchases.  Square is a provider of a transaction processing terminal that allows credit and debit card transactions onsite.

Application of Square

Staff have requested this option at the secondary campus for payments of athletics merchandise, grad store fundraising, and food program lunch sales. As we start to use it more opportunities will come up and the applications will grow. While we will start with specific programs at the secondary campus, it is expected that the use of Square will increase to involve parent transactions at the elementary campus as well. A secure terminal (similar to retail use) is used to process both tap and PIN transactions from credit/debit cards.

Benefits of Square

As we continue to grow as a K-12 school, we are looking for ways to more efficiently manage our time and financial resources.  Cash deposits (think COINS!!) take significant time to prepare, require a trip to a physical bank and have fees associated with them. 

We recognize that individuals are carrying less cash all the time! Square offers convenience for those wishing to make small purchases while on campus.


Square will not be used for processing donations. Non-cheque option will continue to be through Canada Helps and the JKCS website.

Square will not be used for program fees. We will continue to use and expand on TUIO for the payment of athletics and other program related fees.

Square will not be used for tuition payments.

If you have concerns or questions about this initiative, please reach out to either Paul Tigchelaar or me directly.

Karen Dyck, Business Manager