Spirit Days

Tim ChanTimes News

These past couple of weeks have been a time of reorienting
ourselves to the new reality that COVID-19 has brought. The
John Knox community has been working hard to adapt and
that includes the Student Council at the secondary campus.

At the secondary school, the Student Council facilitates
Spirit Days which have come to be an essential part of
our community-focused atmosphere. To maintain this sense
of community in times when we can’t see each other physically,
Student Council has decided to replace Spirit Days
with new ideas that will virtually be brought to the rest of
the student body through platforms like Google Classroom
and Instagram. One of these ideas is called “Hawks Squawk”!
Hawks Squawk is an interactive time when the Student
Council will ask questions to the school. The fi rst question
that was asked was “if you were in a zombie apocalypse and
you have one teacher to help you survive, who and why?”
There were some great answers and the winner won a $15
gift card. Other ideas include online challenges and even a
virtual spirit week. The Student Council is excited to bring
these new activities to their fellow students and to see how
they go!

– Grace S., Student Council