The Story of the John Knox Hawk and Sitka the Raven

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The raven, Sitka, had one thing in her mind- and her natural detective senses were saying that something wasn’t quite right. What was the John Knox Hawk doing down at the main office which was located in the lobby? Something didn’t add up here. The Hawk was up to something suspicious, that’s for sure. And Sitka was going to find out what the Hawk was doing there.

Leaving her usual spot where she sat perched at the top of a cabinet next to Ms.G, who was out of the classroom for the moment, Sitka knew it was time to put her plan into action.

Careful to avoid any suspicious looks thrown her way, Sitka carefully weaved in and out of the John Knox crowd. There were the kids, each heading for their classes with backpacks slung over their shoulders. The teachers, each with their own mug of coffee to energize them for the long day ahead. Little did they know the mystery that was about to be cracked by Sitka, the greatest raven to ever have flown on the face of Earth itself. This was her moment, and she wasn’t going to waste it.

The stairs were the tricky part, but Sitka was a clever raven. What’s one of the best things about being a Raven, you ask? Well, soaring above skies and mountaintops is right up there in one of the most awesome things. But for Sitka, in this case, it was making it down the stairs unnoticed.

Bending her legs, she flapped her wings, and her feet left the ground in one smooth, artful move. She dived and spinned through the air, avoided the looks of students as best she could, and made it to the lobby.

Flying was truly a wonderful thing. A pity humans couldn’t experience the thrill of feeling weightless with the wind in your face.

But then Sitka’s eyes narrowed. As much fun as flying was, it was time to find the John Knox Hawk.

But first, an obstacle stood in her way: The school secretaries, who probably wouldn’t like a raven swooping through the lobby at seven thirty in the morning.

Sigh. Walking it is. Although Sitka looked like a penguin waddling along the Arctic shore, sacrifices had to be made to crack a case and prove the John Knox Hawk for the suspicious bird he was once and for all.

Sitka entered the office of Mr. Rodgers, and there was the John Knox Hawk- but he hadn’t done anything! How was this possible?

“But… I was convinced that you…” Sitka squawked in confusion, tilting her head sideways.

“I was merely talking with Mr. Rodgers,” The Hawk answered with a curious tone of voice. “The Knox Walk is coming up, and since I am the mascot, arrangements must be made. But why would you think I’ve done something bad?”

Sitka bowed her feathery head in shame. “I guess I didn’t always like you taking all the credit for being the school mascot,” She admitted. “And I always wanted to prove you for doing something wrong, not always being a goody-two shoes like you are.”

“Let me tell you something,” The John Knox Hawk said, looking Sitka right in the eyes. “God doesn’t care which one of us is famous amongst others, or which one of us is more popular. God only cares of our faith, and how much we love him as our Father. That’s what truly matters.”

“I… I guess I never thought of it that way. But how do I believe in God?”

“It takes time,” The John Knox hawk admitted wisely. “But over time, when you truly commit yourself to it, you will build a relationship with God that will be stronger than any evil.”

“Thanks,” Sitka said with a smile. “You know, being a Christian sounds awesome. I think from here on, I’ll admit my sins and let God into my life.”

“Awesome!” The John Knox Hawk screeched. “That’s what I’m talking about! John Knox spirit!”

“But just between me and you,” The John Knox Hawk said with a low whisper.

“Don’t tell Mr.Rogers I’ve been sipping from his coffee. It’s not my fault it tastes so good. But maybe we should go. I don’t wanna be in the principal’s office because I’m in trouble.”

And so, as best of friends, the two birds Sitka and the John Knox Hawk exit the office with smiles on their faces as they soar throughout John Knox Christian School as best friends in Christ.

Written by Nick T. Grade 6 Student