Share Your Music Days K-3

Fera Gunawan Times News

Music classes during the week of May 31-June 4 will include time for students to share their music. One of the Big Ideas in the BC curriculum is:
“Creative expression develops our unique identity and voice.”

Share Your Music Days is one way we strive to help students to try something new and share the unique gifts that God has given them. We celebrate their hard work during music lessons, dance classes, practice sessions and we encourage students to take small risks by sharing in their safe class community. It would be great to hear a student composition or something they are continuing to explore after being inspired in school music class. Students may like to share music (from YouTube, Spotify, a CD, church, family traditions) that they enjoy too.

If you are learning off-site this year, you are welcome to share a photo or video and I will show it to your class at school.
There is NO pressure to perform or share. All students will be encouraged to participate by being respectful, encouraging their classmates, listening and (hopefully) learning something new.

If your child would like to perform or share, please help them to be prepared on one of the two music days during the week:
Kindergarten: May 30 and June 4
Grade 1: May 30 and June 3
Grade 2: June 1 and 4
Grade 3: June 1 and 3

If you have a song or video to share, you can share it by emailing me at the address given below.
I look forward to hearing and seeing all the creative musical ideas our students will share!
Mrs. Rebecca Visser,