Serving Our Community is Serving God

Fera Gunawan Times News

We are all created uniquely and in the image of God.
Students, teachers and parents as unique image bearers serve our Lord with gladness, in his presence, with singing.
Serving our students looks different class to class, at school or at home and student to student. As students return to onsite learning, we continue to support others who, for a number of compelling reasons, have not yet transitioned. We also continue to build the onsite educational platform with all our students in mind.
To date we have 95% of our highschool students in our new campus and 5% at home. At the elementary campus, 90% of our students are being supported on site with about 10% being served at home.
More exciting news includes a growing list of new families applying to join our school community with the opportunity to serve and be served.
We have 50 new families signed up to submit their applications in person with more applications coming via mail.
Paul Tigchelaar, Lead Principal