Secondary: Water Treatment Plan

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“The Socials 11 students have been studying Social Justice this year and understanding how access to clean water is just as important as proper sanitation They also learned from Urban Studies that a city’s infrastructure is instrumental in ensuring its wastewater is cleaned properly before it’s returned to its source. Last week students went to Lulu Island’s Wastewater Treatment Plant in Richmond to see how the GVRD treats water that we flush down our toilets and drains. Here are a few comments from their experience.
This Wastewater field trip made me realize how lucky and blessed we are to be in a developed country.
Despite the smell, it was very informal and educational and it makes me appreciate the water treatment plant more.
One thing that I took away from this trip is that I need to be more mindful of what I let go down the drain
I really enjoyed the trip and it helped me realize how fortunate we are and how there are so many things that contribute to make the city function.
The thing that most surprised me is that all the waste can be thickened into a fertilizer.”

Submitted by Rebekah Loconte