Secondary: Walk in the Shoes of a Refugee

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Fitness Challenge Fundraiser 2020 November
Let’s say because of changes, your Christian faith is no longer permissible. You now have 30 seconds to flee from your home before you are arrested or persecuted. What would you take? Where would you go? How will you get there? What happens after you arrive on strange shores? How will your lives suddenly and drastically change? During the month of November, our high school students, class by class, learned what it would be like to walk in the shoes of a refugee through 6 educational displays set up in the Student Commons. These informative displays were produced by Journey Home Community.

Journey Home Community is a local charitable organization that welcomes and walks alongside refugee families who are seeking asylum from persecution and danger, and have arrived in the Lower Mainland.
Each of our classes participated in raising funds for refugee families by doing a Fitness Challenge, 3 female and 3 male students from each class running, jumping, hanging, and doing sit ups and pushups while their classmates cheered them on. The evidence of class spirit was showcased in their fundraising efforts and in their 60 second videos. Click on this link: to see a snippet of all that was done. The fundraising grand total was over $2,100.00. Well done John Knox Secondary!

The Winner’s Circle:
Fitness Challenge Champion Record
Arm Hang Daniel F., 10A 70.07 sec
Broad Jump Chun-Hei T., 12A 2.66 m
Push Ups Aidyn K., 12B 98 push ups at one go
Shuttle Run (10m) Kinyi G., 10B 8.45 sec
Sit Ups Mrs. T. Joyce-Teacher 333 sit ups at one go
Vertical Jump Christoffer N., 12B 3.05 m straight up
Jeyne Lund, Missions and Outreach Coordinator