Secondary Update

Tim ChanTimes News

Our Risen Savior is at work in our community! As we navigate a new way of teaching and learning this week, Jesus renews all things through the Easter story. He is the resurrection and the life!

We thank the Lord for the successful launch of our Secondary School off-site learning this week. There has been an outpouring of enthusiasm and excitement from students and teachers, and I have been blessed by the countless stories of joyful re-connection. We missed each other!

As staff and students adapt to the new technological landscape this week, we had to pause our video meetings for a day to adjust security features. This was not in response to external interference, but some unwise choices that were made by a small group of students, unfortunately. Our administration and IT teams have continued to research and test the various online video conference options. Zoom remains the most effective, accessible, and reliable tool available. Updated protocols and safety settings have been put in place to keep our class video meetings secure and free from disruption.

The number of students who have showed up early to video meetings and wanted to stay on longer to ask questions, connect, and continue communicating has been such an encouragement. Our teachers are grateful for the Zoom platform and the educational capacity this program has provided us.

Thank you for all of the prayers and support this week in response to adversity and change. May we celebrate this weekend and remember what Jesus’ death and resurrection mean for us: forgiveness, freedom, and the ability to walk with Him into eternity.

In Christ,
Adam Wasik, Secondary Vice Principal