Secondary: Students Visit Trinity Western University

ArushaTimes News

“As senior year comes around, we, the grade 12 class, have started to seriously consider our future. In the last few months, it seems our days in high school are numbered, and we spend them searching for programs, financial plans, and scholarships with little sleep and a lot of caffeine. This Wednesday, we gladly took a break from the usual routine, and had our first in-person tour at Trinity Western University.

The drizzling autumn rain accompanied us. The campus was accented by the hue of yellowish leaves, ambient light from the new Ubuntu Pavillion, and the crimson library building. From the music halls, gym, labs, to the friendly tour guide, we were surrounded by a sense of community and unity.
Most importantly, the two things about TWU that impressed me were how 97% of attending students received financial aid, and how the school uses their connections to help every student find an internship in their field.
Being seniors, I think this experience gave us a moment to slow down in the midst of stressful planning, and to ask ourselves what our calling truly is. Among many other “prestigious” options, TWU is a warm reminder of how nice it feels to be supported by a tight-knit Christian community.
ALSO! We met three JKCS alumnus, including Seth Schouten (2019), who gave us a great introduction to his education program.”
By Jimmy W. Grade 12 Student