Secondary Snapshot: Grade 11 Poetry

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I asked my English 11 students to create a poem based on a lie. They had to determine the criteria of the poem before they wrote (what would the rhyme scheme be? How many lines would it have? How many poetic devices would it include, what type of poem would it be?)

They were marked on how well they fulfilled their self appointed criteria, and how well they wrote about a lie. Marie wrote one that I felt hit all the marks, and besides all that, it is really relatable!
– Rebekah Loconte, Teacher

That pile of clothes sprawled over the fl oor,
Is becoming like Everest, more and more.
That laundry needs to be folded I know, I know.
Yes, it should’ve been done a long time ago.
But, I’ll do it later.

That piece must be practiced, the music is waiting.
I must get to it or my interest will start fading.
I know I said “soon”, when I’m in the right mood,
But I’m really busy, I can’t play my Chopin prelude.
I’ll do it later.

It’s that ringtone again, I know who it is.
They’ll want a quick reply, like it’s a timed quiz.
But knowing how to respond can really be a lot.
So I’ll text back after I’ve given it some thought.
I’ll do it later.

With essays, tests, and household chores,
It’s been a while since I stepped outdoors.
My workload has tied me to this kitchen chair.
I need a walk; a chance to breathe fresh air.
But no time now, I’ll do it later.

I am a slave to my schooling, I’m very aware.
And as an overachiever, contentment is rare.
I need to take a break. My thoughts are at war.
I know my well-being should be looked out for.
But, I’ll do it later.

The sun is subsiding, it’s time to reflect.
This time for Jesus I want to respect.
But maybe not tonight, It’s getting quite late.
I’ll read the Psalms when I’m in a better state.
I promise, I’ll do it later.

I look at the clock and hear the 12th chime.
The end of the day. I ran out of time.
I said I’d stop putting everything off,
But this state of betrayal impels me to scoff.
I didn’t do it later.

Literary Devices:

  1. Simile: First Stanza, Line 2
    “Becoming like Everest”
  2. Personification: Second Stanza, Line 1
    “The music is waiting” arguably? Animals wait too
  3. Simile: Third Stanza, Line 2
    “Like it’s a timed quiz”
  4. Personification: Fourth Stanza, Line 3
    “My workload has tied me to this kitchen chair”
  5. Metaphor: Fifth Stanza, Line 1
    “I am a slave to my schooling”
  6. Metaphor: Fifth Stanza, Line 3
    “My thoughts are at war” personification? My thoughts are
    war = metaphor

My Criteria:
– I said about 20-30 lines, I did a few more.
– I said about 3 literary devices, I did 6, but I just did what
came naturally to me, and it’s better than not doing any at
– I followed my rhyme scheme though 🙂

– Mariechen D, Grade 11 student