Secondary School Traffic … Good Neighbors?

ArushaTimes News

This is a reminder to ensure our students’ safety and good relations with our neighbors.
Please do not ever do u-turns.
Please park/pick-up/drop-off on 12th (Both sides north of 3rd and east side, south of 3rd but never in front of the school). That is reserved for buses only and our auto dealer on the far end.
From DriveSmartBC: “You must not park, stop or stand within 5 metres of a fire hydrant. You must not park, stop or stand within 6 metres of the approach side of a crosswalk, stop sign, or traffic control signal.” A few parents have been stopping near the intersection creating unsafe situations for our students.
Please pull as far forward for drop off and pick up on 3rd next to the school and reenter traffic with great care.

Paul Tigchelaar, Lead Principal