Secondary FAQ

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We answer some commonly asked questions about the secondary school, including how to hear from teachers, how to email teachers, parking, drop-off and pick-ups, and getting into the building.

Q: How do I hear from my child’s teachers?

A: Your best resource is Google Classroom. Through this you can view your child’s homework assignments, see communication between teachers and students, and set up email notifications. Each of your child’s teachers may have already sent you an email inviting you to Google Classroom. If you have not received this email please contact each teacher directly for an invitation.

Q: How can I email teachers?

A: All John Knox teacher and staff emails are their first initial, then last name, @ Eg: John Lee would be jlee@

Q: Can parents and students park in the underground?

A: Underground parking is reserved for staff. There are a limited number of stalls available and the construction company still has a presence down there. We will let you know if this changes in the upcoming months.

Q: How can I access the underground for drop off and pick up?

A: To ensure security in the building, the underground gate remains closed. To open the gate you need to buzz in. The buzzer is on a small black panel on the left side on the driveway as you drive down. Once you press the buzzer the front office will let you in. Underground drop off and pick up is for students in Grades 7-9 only. Do not drive under the gate as it is closing! It may hit your car!

Q: How do I get in the building?

A: Access to the building is via the main front doors only. The doors remain locked and you need to buzz in to enter the building. The buzzer is located on the cement wall to the right of the front doors.

Q: I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

A: Besides your child’s teachers, here are some great secondary people to connect with if you have questions:

Front office staff: Christiane Michael,, and Sandra Chu,
Vice Principal: Adam Wasik, awasik@
Development Coordinator: Arusha Vegt,