Secondary: Creation Care Challenge by Grade 7

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Week of February 1-5, 2021:
Your mom says, “Eat your fruits and vegetables!”
We do too!

Care and Creation Challenge #8: Grade 7A has challenged the school to go vegan for one whole day. We encourage you to try new dishes and be creative! As a community let’s do this together and give back to the environment! If you have any questions please email, Your participation is greatly appreciated! Send me some photos too, please.

Week of February 8-12, 2021:
Reuse. You Can Use an Item More Than Once!

Creation Care Challenge #9: Replace a disposable item that you use with a reusable option this week.

· Do you use a cloth napkin or paper napkin in your lunch? Go Cloth!
· Do you use a reusable water bottle or a dis posable water bottle? Go Reusable!
· Do you use a cleaning cloth or a paper towel to disinfect your desk? Go Cloth!

What about at home? What can you use and reuse?

Let us know what you have been reusing by emailing David at