Secondary Campus Building Update

Tim ChanTimes News

It’s thrilling to drive by the new secondary campus construction site in New Westminster and watch the progress (we have windows this week!), but we all ask the same question: when will this building be ready? Over the past months there have been times of great activity, and times where it has looked like not much is happening at all. The most simple and truthful answer is this: it will be ready when it’s ready. We suspect you’d like a few more details than this, so please read on.

As you may have heard, last year there was a major delay in the delivery of steel to our site. This halted almost all the construction for a number of months. Once the steel was delivered construction started moving quickly, but this delay still put us significantly behind schedule, leading us to changing the move in date well past our original goal of September 2018. While construction is now continuing at a reasonable pace our most recent scheduled move in date is April/May 2019. Much can happen over the next 6 months, so we ask for your patience and understanding as this date may change again.

Know that we have a dedicated team of volunteers and JKCS administrators working on our building commit- tee. They meet weekly for a minimum of three hours on site with our architects and primary contractor, and do countless hours of additional work on our school’s behalf. They are concerned with being careful stewards of our financial resources, making purchasing and design decisions, and monitoring the work being done. The collective knowledge, skill, and expertise of the people on this committee is an invaluable resource, and the hundreds  of  hours  of volunteer work they have put into this project can never be repaid. Please express your gratitude to our building commit- tee members when you come across them!

During this time of construction we are grateful to have a home for our secondary students at the former Carver location on Sapperton Ave. We know students are anxious to move into the new campus and are working hard towards their permanent home in New West.

To get the most up to date information, and to ask your questions, we strongly encourage one parent/guardian from each family to attend the AGM on Tuesday, November 27, in the elementary campus gym. You will hear from members of the building committee, finance committee and school administration. We look forward to seeing you there!

Arusha Vegt Development Coordinator