Secondary: April’s Poetry Month

ArushaTimes News

Enjoy the following poetry written by our secondary student, Alison T.!


Create the boom without fireworks
Puts the tears in waterworks
Is the distraction from school work
From the late-night reader to the avid speaker
Words are the building blocks of stories, worlds, ideas
The expression of thoughts on the tip of our tongue weaved like yarn so craftily spun
Words were the weapon of William Shakespeare and writers of way back when
And now they have become the thing that we all dread
Are now counted to see if the limit is met
Are now begrudgingly read in time thought to be better well spent
Are now written at a time when students should be in bed
Can create and destroy in a matter of seconds
Spilling out hate and love before we can even take a breath in
Were used by our Lord instead of the sword when He surrendered and let His blood be poured, to counter the sin points we’ve all scored
Written with a passionate or reluctant hand
Can move mountains and encapsulate the changes in time
Or create a wonderland filled with mysterious crime
Words are used by you and me
Words are underappreciated, this I guarantee