Ride for Refuge

ArushaTimes News

Thank you to all the students who came out to the first volunteer opportunity of the 2023-2024 school year.  Students volunteered with Ride for Refuge with Journey Home Community Association (JHC) to help with parking, setting up, decorating bike helmets, face painting, waiting table, cleaning up, cheerleading and disassembling tables and chairs.  Journey Home Community staff said, “John Knox students reflected Christ’s love by showing their servant hearts in humble acts of service and their excitement for God’s people.  They give us hope for our next generation of leaders.”  Here is what one of the volunteers had to say:

“Volunteering at the Ride for Refuge event hosted by the Journey Home Community was an awesome and rewarding experience. Journey Home Community is a Christ centered organization with a mission to create a caring community that offers refugee claimants housing, settlement support, and opportunities for connection. My role as volunteer at the event primarily involved assisting with traffic control, table setup, cleanup and whatever else needed to be done, but it was so much more than just those tasks. Being part of such a well-organized and purpose-driven event was inspiring and encouraging. It was rewarding to witness the enthusiasm and dedication of the riders, walkers and volunteers alike, all coming together for a common cause.

The event not only provided me with a sense of community but also offered some perks, such as a free shirt and a delicious meal. These small gestures of appreciation from the Ride for Refuge organizers made me feel valued and motivated to give my best throughout the day. I’m grateful to have been a part of this event and I look forward to volunteering again in the future and continuing to support the Journey Home Community in their meaningful endeavors.”

By Joshua C., 10A