Reverse Poetry

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Student’s final poetry project in English 11 this year was to write a Reverse Poem. Here is Noah J. describing the theme of his poem and the poem itself. Be sure to read it from top to bottom and then bottom to top. Enjoy!
Mrs Loconte, Teacher

“I chose “My Footprint” because I wanted to talk about what I could accomplish before I die. The first part was how I felt other people my age view their own impact, and going back up was how I viewed it.” ~Noah J.

My footprint
By: Noah J.

I am nothing in this enormous world
And I cannot accept that
I can make a big difference
You might not believe me, but
I don’t want to do big things
I would be lying like a dog if I said
I made an impact on this earth
When I leave this planet, like an artist looking back
on his work,
I can say I had my priorities straight, because
I played it safe
That is far more important to me than
risking everything to do something great
I’m afraid of what people might think of me, but
Influencers and social media tell me
I need to get my act together or there is no hope
for my generation
I have come to the conclusion that
I’m not going to change the world
Nor do I believe
I will be something amazing later in life,
Why, because I know
this will never happen to me
And I hate it when people say,
You can do big things if you put your mind to it
I tell myself,
I have failed to stand out
It is absurd to assume that
If I try hard enough I can do anything.