Responding to Your Questions: Mask Wearing at Drop Off and Pick Up (Elementary Campus)

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Recently, some questions and concerns have been raised by parents in light of the mask wearing changes that were presented in the September 25 newsletter. Mask wearing is still mandatory for morning drop off as students are not yet in their cohorts. Masks are not mandatory for afternoon pick up. Risk during pick up is reduced in three ways; pick up is staggered so not all students are leaving at the same time, students remain in their cohorts, and students are outdoors which lowers the risk of transmission. We understand that these questions come from a place of uncertainty and anxiety. We would like to reassure you that these decisions are evidence-based and all our directives are taken from the Medical Health Officer as outlined on the BC CDC website. It is important to understand that we are in a fluid situation; we are learning as we go and our directives may change as more knowledge is gained. As the Ministry guidelines change our guidelines will follow. We read and appreciate all comments that are submitted to the CRT Suggestion Box.