Remembering Mabel

Tim ChanTimes News

Saturday, May 16th, marks the one year anniversary of when our dear Mabel Sluis went to be with Jesus. Mabel was our Educational Support Services Coordinator for many years and was a strong voice in creating the robust ESS program that we have at JKCS today. Her joyful laughter, sagely wisdom, strong resolve, and sincere care resonate in the memories of those who knew her.

Jeyne Lund, a long time JKCS Educational Assistant and close friend of Mabel remembers her fondly, “I was always so amazed at what a people person Mabel was, there was always time to talk. She would put aside all else, and sit, listen and advise. She was such a champion for people and especially those in our JKCS community. And then in the dark of night she would be doing all the administration work that came with her job. She made the job look easy. I miss her and think of her very often. My son said that people die two deaths. There is the physical bodily dying, but the real dying is when people don’t remember you anymore, don’t talk about you anymore, don’t affect the way you do things anymore. In this regard, Mabel is very much alive and influencing us all still.”

Ruth Wat, another wonderful long time JKCS EA, shares, “I miss her presence, her friendship, her words of encouragement and our morning
prayers. When I feel like my confidence was lacking I remember Mabel saying to me, “You are the professional, you have the expertise so be confident in what you are doing.” She gave me the confidence to be a good EA. She loved her job because she loved the special needs kids and was always advocating for their needs.”

A scholarship has been set up to celebrate Mabel’s legacy in the achievements of the students she served so faithfully.

– Lindsay Chimick, Elementary ESS Coordinator