Rejoice in the Lord

ArushaTimes News

Philippians 4:4 calls us into worship and into life as we enter the September season and the start of school. “Rejoice in the Lord.”
As students poured into the gym at the secondary school this week for the first assembly I was so encouraged to see and hear the laughter, the excited buzz for the start of school. Even with masks on I could hear the emotion and appreciated the greetings. At the elementary we held a virtual assembly and once again it was so good to greet and connect, to share this remarkable space and community. This week secondary has been busy with Encounter Days, in canoes and kayaks; elementary is enjoying our wonderful gym again as well as plenty of opportunities outside the classroom. I rejoice and I’m thankful that at both campuses we have a dedicated prayer team that meets each week to pray for our school and the needs of our families. As parents and community members, please continue to pray for our staff and our students at both campuses that we may be a people who rejoice in the Lord always.
David Ward, Superintendent