Reflections on Zoom

Tim ChanTimes News

I will never hear the word “zoom” the same way after this term. Forever etched in my mind will be memories of my computer screen split into an array of students’ faces, glitchy virtual backgrounds, distorted audio sounds, and the farthest I ever want to be from my class again. But there will be highlights as well. I’ll remember our staff becoming very intentional about communication, collaboration, and support.

I’ll remember us working later, longer, and more together; I’ll remember passionate debates because we cared so deeply for our students and their families; I’ll remember teachers compromising for the greater good, and being open to trying new strategies. I’ll also remember Ms. Elford longboarding down the hallway, filming herself for a science lesson, and Mr. Spiliotopoulos doing everything possible to give students spiritual touchpoints in a closed-down society. I may get a little angsty when the Internet connection drops, or a student decides to doodle on a shared screen, but it has been a memorable privilege to connect with students and work with this staff. In a world that seems a little out of focus at the moment, this opportunity to zoom in on what is important – seeking Jesus’ guidance with every step – is making us very excited about the future.

Jacob Rodgers, Grade 6 Teacher and Intermediate Coordinator