John Knox’ Coding Curriculum featured in Cardus and TWU’s Pursuing School Excellence Series

Tim ChanTimes News

We’re honoured to be featured in Cardus and Trinity Western University’s joint research project on Pursuing School Excellence. These are case studies of Canadian Christian Schools that highlight exciting initiatives and efforts to create contributions to the common good.

Dr. Adrienne Castellon, one of the case study authors and Associate Dean at Trinity Western, gives an overview of the Pursuing School Excellence series in this video. At the 1:10 mark of the video, she shares about JKCS’ coding curriculum and says, “John Knox has a fabulous approach to technology that I’m hoping through the case studies will be emulated in many other schools, both Christian and public.”

Dr. Adrienne Castellon and Dr. Allyson Jule from Trinity Western University headed up this research project and visited 11 schools in four provinces, doing interviews, surveys, and focus groups. In this video, Dr. Castellon shares what the research project is about.

Dr. Adrienne Castellon is associate dean and assistant professor of leadership at Trinity Western University’s School of Education. Dr. Allyson Jule is dean and professor of education at Trinity Western University’s School of Education. Cardus is a non-partisan, faith-based think tank and registered charity dedicated to promoting a flourishing society through independent research, robust public dialogue, and thoughtprovoking commentary.

To read the full case study on John Knox Christian School at Cardus’ website: Pursuing Excellence in Christian Education: Technology and Computational Thinking.