Psalm 148

ArushaTimes News

Some time ago I had the privilege of kayaking with Mr. Tigchelaar in a remote part of British Columbia. The area we travelled through does not see a lot of human traffic and cell phones were not useful. We did have VHF radios that connected to one or two indigenous safety sites and occasionally, a wilderness ranger. We had numerous adventures on that trip; Mr. T broke his ankle, we swam in hot springs that have since disappeared from the earth and we traversed some heavy waters. One of the most poignant illuminations of the adventure was the magnitude of creation, the sheer immensity and creativity of God’s artistry. Despite the overwhelming beauty and at times, the alarming wildness of it all, we were stunned by the steadfast operations of the world that go on whether we are aware of them or not.
It struck me recently that while the pandemic continues with all of its complexities, the fish, the trees, the creation carries on, “quickened” in the old sense of the word, by the wisdom of God. There is much to take comfort in such a thought. In all our troubles, the Good Shepherd carries time forward until we safely arrive at the conclusion. Psalm 148 has become a favorite for me, a song that calls us and all creation to praise the King of Kings through all circumstances. This weekend, try to look up at the mountains, at the ocean, the woods, or creatures. Take comfort and strength in the power and wisdom of God and take a moment to be thankful for his upholding hands through all time. To God be the glory.
David Ward, Elementary Principal