Primary (K-3) Update

Tim ChanTimes News

Two weeks of ‘school at home’ learning completed! Thank you parents for your patience and support! Our priority is caring for our students and providing manageable expectations for parents helping their children
at home.

We are, overall, taking a grade approach to designing and implementing our learning platforms. Grade teachers are working collaboratively; sharing
ideas, resources, and planning activities.

As always, we are striving to create learning experiences that are driven by sound teaching practices and that are informed by our understanding of how students most successfully learn. In the primary grades, this means a continued focus on providing engaging, hands-on, open-ended activities.

Teachers are stretching themselves to consider creative ways to present learning to their students. Many of us have suddenly had to figure out how to video ourselves teaching lessons, upload content, and work on a variety of new platforms. We are learning a lot!

This past week, the Primary teachers initiated Zoom meetings with their classes. The feedback has been quite positive as both teachers and younger students learn to navigate this new way of maintaining some community with one another.

I have been asked, “How do you have Zoom meetings with Kindergarteners?!” My small group meetings with my students have been a highlight! I prepared them beforehand by providing their parents with a list of things we will talk about. So far, they have been surprisingly quiet which is not at all what I expected! I am sure in a few weeks that will not be the case! It was wonderful to get to end each session praying together. Thankful for a supportive and praying school community!

– Kim Beunk, Kindergarten Teacher and Primary Coordinator