Praying for Colleen

Fera Gunawan Times News

As you will recall from the notice that went out on Wednesday, Mrs. Beunk’s daughter and son-in-law were in a serious car accident. As of the writing of this newsletter, both Colleen and her husband Kevin remain in hospital and in serious condition. Both of them sustained head injuries and both have multiple fractures in their bodies. The doctors and surgeons need wisdom at this time, and the families need grace and strength. Information changes daily and we will keep you informed as we hear from the family. Please pray!
For anyone wanting to send a card or prayer to the family, we will be collecting them at the elementary office over the course of the week. JKCS and the New Westminster Christian Reformed Church are working together to support the Beunks.
Thank-you for praying.
Powerful and effective are the prayers of the righteous (James 5:16).
Peace to each of you.
David Ward, Superintendent