Prayer at the Pole: A Reflection

Arusha Times News

See You at the Pole

During the See You at the Pole intermediate prayer event over lunch today, I was able to witness the glorious and wonderful power of prayer through the Holy Spirit.

As an observer, I joined a ring of Gr. 4-6 boys that were in joyful fellowship, engaged in praying to our Heavenly Father. Each boy engaged in prayer taking one turn at a time and going around the circle, respectfully and reverently listening to one another and truly praying and speaking to our God.

After they completed the circle, random prayer requests were being presented to one another for agreement. These included prayers about the war in Ukraine, inflation, COVID, and for family members and fellow classmates to be healed.

I was in awe of these young men and asked if I could pray a blessing over them as I felt the Holy Spirit electricity upon our group.

I prayed a blessing upon these young men of God to be strong in fellowship, that the seed and Word of our Lord and Saviour would be planted on fertile ground, and that they would become mighty men as they grow in His relationship with them.

They were left excited at the end of the prayer. Then Mr. S said there’s still one more minute, and the young men initiated more prayer as a group saying, “Let’s now say something we are thankful for.” I was awestruck.

Finally, as we wrapped up our prayer, I saw one of the young men say to his friend excitedly, “I have never felt the power of the Holy Spirit like that before.”

Praise God!
Marne Stelzer, S.O.I. Teacher