Poetry Month (Secondary Campus)

Tim ChanTimes News

April was poetry month and I ran a contest for students to submit up to three of their best pieces of poetry. The winner as determined by a panel of three teacher-judges in the grade 10-12 category was grade 11 student Timothy K. Here is his winning poem. Congratulations again, Tim!


a cerulean orb dashed in sage
and it hangs alone in the abyss
there, I take its frame in my  hand

grave striking silence surrounds
myself in certain lonely oblivion

frigid against the skin, I fold my legs
into the deep comfort of my bosom


a lonesome and weary rest,
a tongue lapped in the sea

bundled in the emptiness,
womb of a forlorn maiden
I raise my trembling hand
to touch the brimming orb.
that makes the two of us, yet
my shadow makes us three.