PHE Challenge

Tim ChanTimes News

This past week, PHE 8 & 9 received a challenge to complete 10 pushups, record it and submit it on Google Classroom. They get bonus points for completing this challenge with a family member. The submissions were
amazing to see as students took this challenge to heart and made sure their family members were involved.

The students are also required to do a weekly physical activity log where they must complete and record a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity per day by the end of the week. The students are encouraged to
complete their physical activity with family members and share them on Google Classroom. Family activities ranged from indoor workouts to walking their dogs on trails to soccer in the park.

We’ve been very blessed the last week or so with beautiful sunshine that allows us to do these outdoor activities while also practicing social distancing.

The Athletics Department also posts challenges on their instagram account @jkcshawks for the Hawks Community. Check it out every Thursday as a new challenge will be posted. Students, parents, and alumni are
encouraged to participate.

– Christian Loro, Athletics Director