Persuasive Writing “Letter to the Editor” by Grade 6B

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Dear Mr.Ward,
Now all of the students are happy, but how can we make them happier? The best way to make the students of the secondary school happy is by buying the Kabani auto dealership and turning it into a soccer/football field. My main reason why I want a soccer field is because next year I will be at the secondary school and I want to have the option of doing exercise at lunch or recess. Instead of having to play outside on the roof, you can have a lot more space to have fun with your friends. With that extra space, we can accomplish the field that I want. Other reasons that I want a field for includes: better exercise space, more opportunities at lunch, more room to play games, and more options to play sports.

Although it is a great idea, there would be a few objections. A few objections would be that the cost is too high, the dealership might not accept the deal, and not everyone at the secondary school might not want the field so a few students might think it might be a waste of money.
A few answers for those objections is to charge the parents a little bit more tuition, and to give the dealership a good speech/letter about what the school will be using the space for. The dealership will realize that the space will not go to waste but instead be an awesome field that everyone will enjoy.
In conclusion, the extra field will make all of the students happier because they will be able to have a lot more space to play the games they want to do. This is not just my dream but many others too.
Regards: Michael O.

Dear Mr. Ward,
The purpose of this letter is to get a football field and to add it to the soccer field that Michael wants to add and put it where the ford dealership is. Without the dealership, we can make this dream come true.
The main reason why I want a football field is so we can have another sport that kids can have an opportunity to play. In order to make the field, we need to get rid of the dealership in order to do. Even though you won’t want to agree with this, it’ll be more room to play/and to run, more options for sports, and more options of things to do at lunch.
Possible objections are the Ford dealership might not want to sell their dealership, and the price might be too high for you, and the price might be too low that they might not agree with. Depending on what we offer them.

My response to their objections:
The price might be too high?
If the price is too high then we can make a fundraiser or do an athletics event and raise money.
The Ford dealership might not agree?
Make a speech on how kids need exercise and if your gonna add a sport that that probably some kids like, might as well add it while they still have an opportunity to grow in it and to make a future out of it.
My final plea is that they accept my view because some kids might like soccer or football and most likely the kid would want to play it with the space and room outside, so they can get more exercise, a good stretch, and fresh air while they play it.
Sincerely, Liam S.

When Kids Graduate they Deserves a cell-phone
Hold your horses, I know phones are expensive as all parents think! It doesn’t have to be like a brand new iphone 14, it can be like an old phone.

To stay safe
Yes, cell phones actually make your children safer. Some phones can be tracked by GPS with phone tracking apps, so you always know where your child is. This can come in handy if they ever get lost – or if there’s an earthquake or natural disaster and you need to know if your child is safe or not.

To talk to friends
Older children may need a cell phone to talk to their friends. Otherwise, your child will be moping around the house because they have nobody to talk to! With a phone, they can call or text whenever they like.
This is particularly useful if they have friends that live far away from them. Perhaps they made a friend on holiday once, or maybe someone from their school moved away? Thanks to cell phones, your child can keep in touch with friends from all over the world in an instant.

To encourage responsibility
Similarly, it’s a good idea to give your child a cell phone as it encourages responsibility. This will likely be the first expensive piece of equipment they own. Tell them that if it breaks, they have to pay for it. If they run out of credit or go over their monthly allowance, then they pay for it. Doing this teaches them to be responsible and look after their possessions.

Now that you heard some reasons why kids should get a cellphone for, I hope you might consider getting on for your kid! I hope this article was useful to you parents, if you like this article you can check out more of them.
Sincerely, Hazel C.

Can we get a hamster?
Dear Mrs. Buikema
Have you ever wanted a class pet? I asked some students in 6B and most of them said they wanted a class pet (specifically a robo dwarf hamster). Or any pet just not a fish. If we did get a class pet (hamster) it would make school more fun.

So first here is the plan, first we need $150 so the class will pitch in and each student will need to pitch in $6.82. Also, you will need a cage with at least 450 square inches of floor space. But who will clean the cage? Well you only need to clean it every month so each month we could rotate. Who will feed the hamster? We will have a new class job called hamster care like plant care. That person will be incharge of feeding the hamster and spot cleaning.

Secondly, but what about weekends and breaks on weekends? We will have a sign up sheet for parents to sign and say their child is allowed to bring the animal home. And on breaks Mrs. Buikema will take it home. In fact hamsters only live about a year so it should be dead by the end of the year so you won’t have to deal with the hamster.

But there are some things that are bad about getting a hamster for a class pet. Well some kids might not be able to handle the death of the hamster or someone might accidently kill it.

For these reasons we should get a hamster. The first reason is it would make school more fun. Second reason is that everyone thinks they are cute. It could also keep us busy. In fact we have a lot of counter space.
So to sum up everything stated so far a hamster as class pet would make school a happier place.
We could name it Potato.
Katriel L.