Peace Be With You

Tim ChanTimes News

I hope you had a great Easter break. My wife Joy and I worshipped last Sunday with 300,000 others led by Michael Curry at the National Cathedral in Washington DC because Zoom allowed us to. What a breathtaking service. No more or less than the worship and chapel in our John Knox Christian School community. The Holy Spirit continues in our presence.

I am so proud of our students, our teachers and our parents. We are blessed beyond measure, Zooming around the lower mainland teaching, learning, worshipping and supporting our families while trying our best to see
through the obscurity of our current reality. And yet we forge a path forward … slowly, incrementally and with the absolute assurance of God’s direction.

In another chaotic time in history, Christ’s followers met where the doors were locked for fear. He came. Christ, standing in the centre of that fear. And He said “Peace be with you.” When they recognized Him, with His scars, Christ said a second time, “Peace be with you.”

After this Easter we again reflect on the contradiction between fear and Easter life … and the peace and assurance of forgiveness are indeed ours. Imagine and experience our world of life and peace as a gift freely given by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Then, Christ proclaimed a third time, “Peace be with you.”

– Paul Tigchelaar, Principal